Ventriloquist eyes, blinkers and iris

Braylu offers cast eye kits for ventriloquist doll makers. This includes 1.5" diameter eyes for standard professional dolls along 1.25” diameter products for smaller upgraded dolls such as Charlie McCarthy conversions. Other accessories offered include blinker shells and iris.

Cast Eyes

eyesynchro1top.jpgThese are standard eyes used in professional figures. They are solid cast urethane eyes with pre-drilled holes to eliminate any of the guess work. Flat base to sit firmly to eye base.


Recessed hole on top allows for screws to sit below the crown of the eye and allow for blinkers to move freely.White balls eliminate painting that you would need to do with wood ball kits.

Two eyeballs and iris is included with your order. (Choose iris color when ordering). General nstuctions are included. Eye base and synchro bar are not included due to various head sizes and builder preferences. If you are interested in buying more than 10 eyes at a time, contact us for a significant cost savings option.

Advantages include:

- No painting needed
- No scratching of paint during installation
- All pre-drilled holes
- You can use with blinker kits (No protruding screw head on top)



Blinker shells

Braylu blinker shells are made out of formed styrene plastic for sturdy finish and smooth movement. Our blinkers come with linkage connecting tabs, a design requested by professional figure makers. Package includes 2 styrene shels and general instructions. Use with our cast eye kits. Brass wire tubing for mechanism is not included due to different sizes and builder preferences.


Eye iris

Veined 16mm acrylic iris with stems. This is the standard size for professional ventriloquist dolls. There are (6) irises per pack (3 sets).