Ventriloquist Heads

Our heads are crafted from model to mold to cast. Many of our heads are sculpted by other makers including our team here at Braylu.

We cast our heads on our rotocast machine so the heads are hollow so you can add mechanics once you open the head. The urethane is easy to work with. You can cut, sand and paint the plastic. You can also add epoxy clay to the heads to modify the character to your own specifications.

These heads are not “plug and play” kits. The heads will require some skill as you will need to cut, sand and patch. Many of the heads come with a separate jaw with others requiring you to make a jaw.

Install your own mechanics and paint the head to your specifications. Browse our website for other parts such as bodies, legs and hands to complete your figure.

Some of our contributing sculptors include:

 Mike Palma  Kenny Croes  Steve Barry  
 mike-palma.jpg kenny-croes-2.png   steve-barry-2.jpg  

Check back to see new additions.